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Pet Policy

1.      An additional security deposit of $100.00 plus a non‐refundable Pet Fee of $100.00 must be paid at the time of the pet move in, unless it is an assistive animal. The Pet Fee must be paid in full prior to occupancy by the pet. The deposit may be paid in increments of not less than $50.00 per month for each succeeding month until the sum of $100.00 is paid. The Resident will be required to sign a legally binding repay agreement under the same terms and conditions stated in the Lease. The security deposit or any part thereof may not be used for any damages incurred on the unit unless directly related to said pet.

2.      Pet owner must sign statement assigning responsibility to no less than two persons to care for the pet in the event the pet owner dies, is incapacitated, or otherwise unable to care for the pet.

3.      The size of the pet is limited to a maximum of twenty‐five (25) pounds (adult weight), unless it is an assistive animal.

4.      No pet that is classified by the PHA as dangerous or that may endanger the health, safety, or welfare of any housing employee, resident, guest, contractor or agent will be permitted. These pets include but are not limited to, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinchers, and reptiles.

5.      Owner of the pet will be responsible for all cleanup anywhere on the grounds or in the building. If pet owner is unable, or contact with the tenant cannot be made, a $25.00 fee for each cleanup performed by the Housing Authority will be assessed.

6.      Pets may not be tied or chained outdoors at any time or for any reason. Pet owner will be responsible for damages or injury caused by an unsupervised pet.

7.      All pet owners must submit an up‐to‐date immunization record from a qualified veterinarian and must display a current license tag for said pet. Immunization records and pet license tags are to be re‐certified every year during the month of the pet owner’s re‐certification of tenant eligibility.

8.      A picture of said pet must be provided to the Authority in hard copy or digital form to be stored in tenant file.

9.      Pet owner must make a bonafide effort to control fleas and ticks at all times. Any fees incurred by the Housing Authority for treatment will be passed along to the owner.

10.  Limit one pet per unit. Pets must be neutered or spayed.

11.  A visiting pet will not be allowed accommodations.

12.  A pet owner is in violation of the city ordinance on animal control when his or her animal is outside without leash, causes objectionable noises, destroys or damages the property of others.

13.  Pet owners must comply with all Housing Authority, County, State, and Federal regulations on animal laws.

14.  When litter boxes are in use, the pet owner will change the litter at least twice each week.

15.  Inspections other than those permitted under the lease may be made after proper notification and during reasonable hours if a complaint is received and the Housing Authority has reasonable grounds to believe that a nuisance or threat to health and safety of the occupants of the dwelling or surrounding area exists.

16.  In the event of a pet rule violation, the pet owner will have up to 5 days from date of service of the notice to cure the violation, to remove the pet, or make a written request for a meeting to discuss said violation(s). The pet owner is entitled to be accompanied by another person of his or her choice. Failure to cure the violation, to request a meeting, or to appear at a requested meeting may result in termination of tenancy.

17.  With written approval of the Authority and a signed pet lease, a companion animal may be present in the apartment if the Authority receives a certification of medical necessity from a licensed mental health professional which describes the necessary companion animal and the reasons for which the animal is needed. All rules set forth herein will apply to companion animals.

18.  With written approval of the Authority and a signed pet lease, a service animal may be present in the apartment if the Authority receives a certificate of medical necessity from a licensed medical provider which describes the necessary service animal and the tasks for which the service animal is needed, if the proposed service animal is registered with the Authority, and if the service animal is ADA certified. All rules set forth herein will apply to the service animal.

19.  All conditions must be met and the Pet Lease signed before admitting said pet to the dwelling unit.

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