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Apply today! Now accepting application for 2 & 3-bedrooms!

Applications are accepted by appointment only.
Please be sure to arrive on time for the scheduled interview, that the application is completed, and that all required documentation is available. Applicants should be prepared to have criminal and credit histories completed in our office for all household members over 18 years of age.
Interviews can be rescheduled by contacting our office prior to the scheduled appointment time. (252) 728-3226

Information Needed for All Family Members
  1.   Social Security Cards-No Copies Accepted
  2.   Birth Certificates-Only Certified Copies Accepted
Information Needed for All Adult Family Members (18 Years & Older)
  1.    Picture ID-No Copies Accepted
  2.   Marriage/Divorce/Legal Separation Documents: If you are married and have separated from your spouse, you MUST have legal separation documents or your spouse will have to be present at the interview and income considered on the application.
  3.   All Verifiable Sources of Income, with Names & Contact Numbers for Employers or Social Workers.

  •  Social Security (SSA) or SSI Benefits,
  •  Wages, Salaries, Overtime Pay, Commissions, Fees, Tips, Bonuses, or Other Compensation for Personal Services,
  •  VA benefits,
  •  Food Stamps,
  •  TANF (Work First),
  •  Child Support,
  •  Unemployment Benefits,
  •  Disability Compensation Other than SSA or SSI

  4.   All Names and Addresses of Current and Previous Landlords for the Past 5 years.
  5.   Phone and Fax Numbers for Employers, Case Workers, Care Givers, Etc.

NOTE: Applicants MUST have ALL information at the time of the interview or the application will be returned to the applicant and the interview will be rescheduled.
All household members 18 years or older MUST be present at the time of the scheduled interview.