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Filter & Smoke Alarm Battery Schedule

The maintenance staff will replace HVAC filters on the schedule that follows. During this time, batteries for smoke alarms will be distributed or installed as needed.

Filters will be replaced during the 1st or 2nd week of:

It is very important that you inform our office immediately if your smoke alarm batteries need to be replaced. Under no circumstances are residents to disengage the smoke alarms. This is a threat to your safety and that of your neighbors. Disabling the smoke alarms is a violation of your lease and charges will be incurred by any resident doing so.

Please keep in mind that there are circumstances, other than a low battery, that may cause your smoke alarm to chirp or to be set off; these may include:
  • Dust or debris around or inside of the unit,
  • insects such as ants or roaches around or inside the unit,
  • power failures,
  • high heat from attic spaces during hot months of the year,
  • collected dust being heated and disbursed during the first use of heat or emergency heat in the fall or winter,
  • etc.

When this occurs, call our office and a member of our staff will make sure that the battery does not need to be replaced. If the battery is not the issue, once again, do not disable the smoke alarm. There are ways to alleviate these issues:
  • Good housekeeping, sweeping and dusting regularly will help to reduce buildup around and within the unit. Remove the cover of the unit and dust it as well. Good housekeeping practices will also keep pest populations under control. However, if a pest problem persist we will ensure that your unit is put on the extra extermination spray list.
  • Since the smoke alarms are hard wired into the unit and battery exists as a backup, short term power failures should not affect the performance of your smoke alarms. Staff will make every effort to ensure that batteries are replaced when needed in the event of any lengthy power failure. However, when one of the power supplies to the unit is disrupted, it may chirp occasionally.
  • Prior to the changing of the seasons, when you know you will be running your HVAC fan, heat or air conditioning for the first time, it is a good idea to ventilate by cracking windows or opening doors during the first few minutes of operation. This will alleviate some of the smell and/or conditions which may cause the smoke alarm to be set off.

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